What makes Vitaleaf Moringa different?

FDA GMP Certified, Ultra Fine Powder, Harvesting to Process in less than 24 hours, Temperature Controlled processing, Protective Packaging, Naturally Grown, Gluten Free, Non-GMO

Not All Moringa is Made Equal.

If Moringa Oleifera leaves are not harvested, processed, or packaged and stored correctly, they will oxidize and lose their nutritional content, therefore you won't be able to see 100% of the beneficial effects. That's why we are meticulous about how we harvest, process and protect our wild grown moringa, to ensure you receive the highest quality, freshest moringa possible.

Ultra Fine Powder, Richer Green Color and Improved Flavor.

Compare our moringa to our competitors and you will see the difference in its color. Our moringa is a rich bright green due to its superior growing conditions in the volcanic mountain soil of the Philippines, while most moringa originating in India is a pale green color, indicating that it has been sun dried and has oxidized. 

Recently the FDA has begun inspecting shipments of moringa to the United States, because some manufacturers have been adding food coloring to their moringa in order to make it appear more fresh. The FDA considers food coloring additives an allergen and actively inspects for this. Our moringa was recently inspected by the FDA for the first time in five years and received an "A1" rating, meaning the highest grade / purity rating by the FDA.

Our Moringa Powder is carefully ground to a fine mesh of 220+, allowing for a refined taste and easier dissolvability. It's color and consistency is similar to that of green tea matcha powder. Vitaleaf Moringa Tea is made using the Japanese Green Tea style processing, giving it a light nutty flavor and appealing herbal tea aroma


From Harvest to Packaging in 8 hours or less

We harvest the leaves during the lowest temperature times of the day and move it quickly out of sunlight to be processed as soon as possible, that way we can always serve you the freshest moringa powder and tea.  

Strict Heat Controlled Drying Chamber

Using air drying and other methods cause contamination. The temperature inside our drying chamber is strictly temperature controlled to preserve the crucial nutrients.

Light and Oxygen Barrier Protective Packaging

Oxygen and Light destroy the crucial beneficial ingredients in moringa. Don't be fooled by substitutes that often expose their product to the elements, resulting in a lower potency. Avoid packaging which has a pouch window to show their product or teas that aren't individually sealed or light protected. Our oxygen free, 100% airtight and light blocking aluminum pouch guarantees the longest shelf life. Each tea bag is individually wrapped to avoid exposure to the remaining tea bags when opening the package.

Lab Tested ORAC Value of 62,000.

Dried Moringa Oleifera leaves are one of the top 10 antioxidants foods in the world. Laboratory analysis proves Vitaleaf Moringa has a 62,000 ORAC Value (Oxygen Radical Aborption Capacity) with just a normal product pulled from the shelves of the store. This better represents the benefit our customers receive. You can see the independent laboratory test results here.

 Sustainable Harvesting Benefits The Local Farming Community


Wild harvesting from moringa grown over 1,500 feet high in the lush mountain soil of the Philippines uses no chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers and yields a higher nutrient rich crop than traditional farming.  We only harvest the peak ripe leaves, allowing us to harvest at least once a month year round. The harvesting and processing allows the local farming community to earn much needed cash and provides an opportunity for working with their friends and family otherwise unavailable in the area.

A man harvesting moringa oleifera tree leaves.

A wild moringa oleifera tree in full bloom.

A woman harvesting moringa oleifera tree leaves.

FDA Good Manufacturing Practice Certified

We adhere to the FDA's Good Manufacturing Guidelines and perform in house testing on the ingredients to check for purity and authenticity.
You can read more about the FDA's GMP Guidelines here.



Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Halal Certified, Recycled Boxes, Wild Harvested

Our products are naturally vegan, non-GMO, wild harvested, gluten free, our tea is printed on recycled tea boxes, and they are halal certified by the Council of Islamic Affairs of the Philippines.