What Makes Vitaleaf Moringa Different?



FDA GMP Certified, Ultra Fine Powder, Harvesting to Process in less than 24 hours, Temperature Controlled processing, Protective Packaging, Naturally Grown, Gluten Free, Non-GMO
From Harvest to Packaging in 8 hours or less
We harvest the leaves during the lowest temperature times of the day and move it quickly out of sunlight to be processed as soon as possible, that way we can always serve you the freshest moringa powder and tea.
Proprietary Processing Method
Using state-of-the-art temperature and oxygen controlled drying machines preserve the crucial nutrients and antioxidants while avoiding the contamination that traditional air-drying yields. The moringa leaves are then carefully ground to a an ultra fine mesh of 220+, allowing for a refined taste and easier dissolvability. It's color and consistency is similar to that of green tea matcha powder.
Lab Tested 62,000 ORAC Value
Properly dried moringa oleifera leaf powder is one of the Top Antioxidants foods in the world. Careful processing yields a 62,000+ lab tested ORAC Value (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity).
Oxygen and Light significantly degrade the beneficial properties of moringa. Our oxygen free, 100% airtight, and light blocking aluminum pouch guarantees the longest shelf life. Each pouch contains an oxygen absorbing packet to make sure your only receive the freshest moringa. Each tea bag is individually wrapped to avoid exposure to the remaining tea bags when opening the package.
Wild Crafted the lush mountain soil of the Philippines without chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers yields a higher nutrient rich crop than traditional farming. We only harvest the peak ripe leaves, allowing us to harvest at least once a month year round. The harvesting and processing allows the local farming community to earn much needed cash and provides an opportunity for working with their friends and family otherwise unavailable in the area.