Moringa for maintaining healthy cholesterol

What is Cholesterol?

Most Americans have a negative connotation upon hearing the word “cholesterol”, yet we need cholesterol for our body to function properly. Cholesterol is an important part of every cell structure and is needed for proper nerve and brain function. The two types of lipoprotein that carry cholesterol are low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol), also known as LDL, and high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol) or HDL. LDL cholesterol is considered the “bad” cholesterol, because it contributes to plaque, which is a thick, hard deposit that can clog arteries and make them less flexible. When the body’s ‘bad’ cholesterol becomes too high and causes plaque build-up, this condition is known as atherosclerosis. Having too high LDL levels increases the chance of getting coronary heart disease that can lead to strokes or death.

What is good Cholesterol?

A healthy level of HDL cholesterol, which is considered ”good” cholesterol, may protect against heart attack and stroke. Whereas having low levels of HDL cholesterol have been shown to increase the risk of heart disease. HDL helps remove LDL cholesterol from the arteries. It acts as a scavenger by carrying LDL choesterol away from the arteries and back to the liver, where it is broken down and passed from the body.

What causes High Cholesterol?

High cholesterol produces plaque that builds up in the arteries and leads to a restriction of blood flow. So what causes high cholesterol and how can it be avoided? The major risk factors that lead to high cholesterol levels are poor diet, lack of exercise, and excess body weight (in particular belly fat). The liver produces cholesterol, but we also obtain it from unhealthy fats, meat, and dairy products, whereas fruits and vegetables are cholesterol free. Having a heart healthy diet, which should consist mostly of fruits, vegetables, and non-processed food, is recommended along with regular exercise to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

Moringa Helps Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels*

Once the damage from high cholesterol is done, it can be hard to reverse the side effects of a poor diet and an inactive lifestyle. But it is never too late to change these habits and see positive changes in your cholesterol levels. Sometimes just changing your diet and working out regularly isn’t enough to get LDL cholesterol levels down.

The leaves of Moringa oleifera have been used in Indians herbal medicine as a hypocholesterolemic agent in obese patients. One study by the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria found that administration of the crude leaf extract of Moringa oleifera along with high-fat diet decreased the high-fat diet-induced increases in serum, liver, and kidney cholesterol levels by 14.35% (115-103.2 mg/100 ml of serum), 6.40% (9.4-8.8 mg/g wet weight) and 11.09% (1.09-0.97 mg/g wet weight) respectively. The study found that the effect on the serum cholesterol was statistically significant.

Moringa leaves have powerful nutrients in them than can act as an anti-inflammatory agent for your body. Quercetin, which is found in the leaves of moringa oleifera, helps neutralizes free radicals and relieves inflammation. Quercetin acts like an antihistamine and an anti-inflammatory, and may help protect against heart disease and cancer. Quercetin can also help stabilize the cells that release histamine in the body and thereby have an anti-inflammatory effect. Histamine causes blood vessels to swell and inflate so the body can quickly find and attack infections. It is the inflammation in our bodies that causes the cholesterol to become trapped and not able to move freely as nature intended. Taking Moringa is a natural detoxification process for the entire body and may help reduce cholesterol levels overall.*



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