Moringa's Many Names


Moringa is one of 13 species belonging to the plant family Moringaceae. Its size can range from tiny herb plants to very large, rapidly growing trees. The name moringa is derived from the Tamil (spoken in Sri Lanka and Southern India) word Murungai (முருங்கை). Moringa oleifera is the most widely cultivated species and grows wild in the Himalayas, the Philippines and parts of Sub-saharan African. Moring
a has more recently been cultivated in parts of the United States, particularly in warm climates such as Hawaii, California, and Florida. Moringa is known by many different names throughout the world. Here is a list of other names that refer to Moringa:






Árbol de las Perlas (Tree of Pearls) Mlonge
Arango Moringa oleifera (Latin Name)
Behen Moringa pterygosperma
Ben Ailé Moringe de Ceylan
Ben Nut Tree Mulangay
Ben Oil Tree (for the oil derived from its seed pods) Merunggai (Bahasa Indonesia)
Benzoil Tree Narango
Ben Oléifère Nebeday
Benzolive Paraíso Blanco
Canéficier de l’Inde


Perla de la India

Chinto Borrego


Pois Quénique

Clarifier Tree (as it is used to purify drinking water) Sahjna
Drumstick Tree (from the appearance of its long, slender, triangular seed-pods) Saijan
Horseradish Tree (from the taste of the roots, which is similar to that of horseradish)



Indian Horseradish Sajna
Jacinto San Jacinto
Kelor Tree (Indonesia)

Shagara al Rauwaq


Malunggay (as it is known in the Philippines)